Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest

written by Steve Richardson

published by Impossible Dreams

Released 1st March 2018

6+ years


2018 Creative Child Kids Picture Book of the Year

2018 Indie Book Awards Children's Picture Book Winner

Can a lone girl rabbit with the odds stacked against her surprise Jimmy and the other animals to win the big treehouse construction contest?


When the school year starts out, Jimmy Squirrel, whose dad owns the biggest construction company in the city, challenges a close group of friends to a treehouse contest. To everyone's surprise, Paisley Rabbit, who has never touched a hammer or a nail and has no one to help her, joins the contest as a long shot to win. But as things heat up, Paisley shows she has some tricks up her sleeve.

A delightful tale of defying the odds and believing in yourself that, alongside playful illustrations, kids will want to read over and over.

'Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest' book signed by Chris Dunn